Five reasons to invest in a gas stove

Five reasons to invest in a gas stove

Here are five reasons why you should consider buying a gas stove…

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While most South African homes are equipped with electric stoves, many homeowners are switching to gas. 

There are many good reasons why you should consider a gas stove.

Here are five to get you started. 

1. It’s cost-effective 

Electricity might offer consumers the convenience of unlimited access at the flip of a switch, but it can also be costly. Many South Africans no doubt blurted out a few curse words whenever they get their monthly utility bill from their municipality. But there is no need for profanity with a gas stove. Gas is generally cheaper than electricity and it is a better option for big families that require a lot of cooking. Your biggest spend upfront will likely be buying your new gas stove and installation. But once everything is up and running, you will save thousands of rands. Some gas tanks (bottles) can last months, depending on the size of your family and how often you cook in a day.

2. Better heat control 

Unlike an electric stove that requires you to wait for the plate to heat up, a gas stove is instantaneous. You also have better temperature control and can quickly change from lower to higher temperatures. It’s one of the main reasons professional chefs prefer gas stoves but it can also come in handy for home cooks trying out new recipes. But if you get a gas oven, it might be a good idea to invest in a thermometer. 

3. Faster cooking time 

Because a gas stove provides an instantaneous flame, your pots and pans will heat up much quicker, which means you can get dinner ready a lot faster. The gas flame will also heat your pots evenly, which comes in handy when you are using different types of cookware like a wok. 

4. No load shedding blues 

There is nothing worse than putting a cake in the oven or getting started on dinner, only for a power failure to kill your vibe. Some gas stoves allow you to manually ignite your burners using a match. While your neighbours are moaning about load shedding on their way out the door to get takeout for supper, you will be enjoying a delicious home-cooked meal. More savings!

5. It lasts longer

A gas stove is a better investment in the long run. The plates on your electric stove will eventually start to fall apart, and while the smooth tops on induction cooking tops of electric stoves won’t have this problem, they are not as sturdy as the metal grates of a gas stove. Power failures can also damage electric stoves and other appliances.

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