Five habits that can damage your laptop

Five habits that can damage your laptop

Take better care of your laptop by staying away from these habits. 

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Laptops make our lives easier, in fact, many of us can’t imagine life without them.

Though laptops can last for over five years, a study released by World Wide Worx on PC users in South Africa found that many laptops only last for up to three years.

“PCs have a lifespan ranging from three to six years, while laptop computers tend to be used for only up to three years,” Kirsty Laschinger, a researcher in the study told Brand South Africa. 

Taking proper care of your laptop will ensure that it gives you the best performance and lasts longer.

Let’s look at 5 common habits that can damage laptops:

Eating while using your laptop

We’re all guilty of eating lunch or snacks in front of our laptops now and then. The danger is when food crumbs make their way onto your keyboard, which not only makes your laptop look dirty, but it also attracts small bugs. These critters can damage the circuitry and can lead to a malfunctioning keyboard. Consider rather taking a small break to eat away from your computer. This will give your computer some time to cool off and it will give you a break from work as well.

Placing objects on top of your laptop

Your laptop is not a table, so please don’t use it as one. Placing objects on top of it can dent, scratch or even crack it. Heavy objects can cause serious damage to the LCD and hinges.

Remember placing even small objects such as pens, and paper clips on top of your keyboard can crack your screen if you accidentally close the lid without removing them.

Spilling liquid on your laptop

Many of us can’t resist a good cup of coffee while doing some work on our laptops. The sad reality is that accidents happen and sometimes liquids can spill onto our laptops.

According to Sewelltech, liquid spills are the root cause of 60% laptop repairs. The safest thing to do is to keep your liquids far away from your laptop. After all, prevention is better than cure.

Cleaning your laptop screen with harmful detergents

All computer screens need to be cleaned eventually, but using harsh detergents to remove dirt on your screen can damage it.

The best way to clean your laptop is to use a dry microfiber cloth. For your keyboard and touchpad, use a can of compressed air.

Exposing your laptop to heat

Using your laptop next to a heater or exposing it to direct sunlight will cause it to overheat.  The heat trapped inside the laptop can damage the CPU, hard drive, video card and battery. Make sure that your heater is placed at a safe distance from your laptop.

Remember that one of the best ways to ensure that you have a good, durable laptop is to invest in buying one.  The Lenovo Yoga Laptop available on ECR shop has amazing features and long durability.

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