How to change a car's tyre - step-by-step guide

Be prepared: How to change a flat tyre

Don't get caught out! Learn how to change a tyre right here.

Flat Tyre

For a lot of people, a flat tyre is their worst nightmare.

It is a very stressful situation, as a flat can strike at any time, with no sympathy for your location or safety.

The best thing to do is try to remain calm. There is no use in panicking, as it will make the situation that much worse.

If you are a member of the AA or a roadside assistance company, then your worries are eased somewhat, as they are simply a phonecall away.

However, not all of us are that fortunate - and we don't always have cell reception to call for help.

In order to prepare yourself for a potential flat tyre in future, below is a detailed step-by-step guide on what you need to do to get back on the road.

NB: It is imperative that you check that you have all the required equipment in your boot, as well as a pumped-up spare tyre. Do not leave this to chance!

Flat tyre checklist:

- Pumped-up spare tyre

- Jack

- Wheel spanner

- Scissors / screwdriver - to remove hubcaps

How to change a tyre:

1 - Try and move your car onto a flat surface. Changing a tyre at an angle is incredibly difficult. Either ask a passer-by to help you roll the car forward or backwards, but do not move the car too far, as it will damage the axle. Make sure nobody is in the car while changing the tyre.

2 - Take the jack out of the boot and place it in the right spot. Start to crank it up until it touches the bottom of your car, but do not lift the car off the ground just yet.

3 - Use the wheel spanner to loosen the nuts on the tyre. It is easier to loosen the nuts while the wheel is still touching the ground. Turn each nut equally by moving in a clockwise direction. Loosen each nut a bit at a time. Do not take them right off, that is done later. Simply loosen them to the point where they are a few turns away from coming off.

4 - Use your jack to lift the affected corner of the car off the ground.

5 - Remove the nuts from the wheel and place the spare tyre on the car.

6 - Gently put the nuts back on the wheel with the car still suspended in the air. Do not tighten them fully, just enough to keep the wheel from falling off and so that it is stable.

7 - Lower the jack so that the car is sitting back on the road.

8 - Tighten the nuts on the wheel back to the degree that they were when you removed them. Do this in a clockwise direction again. Tighten each nut a little bit at a time.

We would strongly suggest that you practice this at home so that you are not completely in the dark should your tyre be damaged. It is also a very good idea to teach everyone you live with how to change a tyre.

Be safe out there! Be prepared!

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