Hack: Using essential oils to polish your wooden furniture

DIY: Using essential oils to polish your wooden furniture

You will only need two ingredients for this amazing furniture polish!

Essential oil
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Looking after your furniture and making it look clean and polished is one of the ways of ensuring your house is well-maintained. 

Most wooden furniture requires a polish at least once a week. 

Polishing the furniture helps it look shiny and new. 

If you are looking for how you can make your own furniture polish, then look no further. 

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We have the perfect recipe. 

You will just need: 

- Spray bottle 

- 1/2 Cup olive oil 

- 10 drops lemon essential oil. 


- Pour the olive oil into the spray bottle. 

- Add the lemon essential oil drops. 

- Mix thoroughly. 

- Spray sparingly on the furniture and use a soft cloth to wipe. 


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