5 tips to make your industrial office space warmer

5 tips to make your industrial office space warmer

The décor in rented industrial spaces can be dreary, cold and unappealing. Rented industrial space needs to be adapted to whichever business decides to use it, so many landlords won’t add those extra touches to make the space warmer or more inviting

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It is up to you, the tenant, to make sure the space you occupy speaks to your brand, your company, is inviting to clients, and makes your staff feel welcome.

Ithala Development Finance Corporation are experts in this industry and boasts one of the largest rental property portfolios in the province. The property managers at Ithala can assist with your application and can help you choose the best space for your décor needs.

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The changes you do make to your rented industrial space can’t be too drastic or change the building structure, lest you want to risk your deposit. Here are five ideas to decorate a cold space and change it to a warm and inviting one without breaking the budget.

1. Bring the green in

Plants are an inexpensive and great way to bring the outdoors inside your office. They are also known to increase creativity, will increase the oxygen flow in the office and will just make the space feel better. If possible, arrange your office desks to face outside. Having a view of the greenery and the outdoors can do wonders for your team’s mental state as well.

2. Let art play a part

A great way to change the way a space looks is to incorporate artwork on the walls. But stay away from the generic corporate pictures that you tend to find in most company spaces. Instead, take a stroll through some flea markets and find bright work from local artists, get your staff to bring their children’s artworks in for a chance to be featured on a special wall, or even consider a plate, some hand-painted fabric or posters. Whatever you decide to use, make sure you love it, and that it speaks to your brand. 

3. Neaten up

Neaten up the cords and plugs on desks, keep files inside filing cabinets and cupboards and give your team a comfortable place to eat their lunch rather than being forced to eat at their desks. Also, make sure to provide recycling bins and have enough dirt bins around the office. This way dirt will not clutter the rest of the office space and you can prevent workspace being littered with crumbs and food packaging. Keeping your office neat goes a long way when trying to create a welcoming space.

4. Fun furniture

Forget the stiff, boring office furniture from the 80s, and look at individual, comfortable and fun pieces. Think soft, oversized couches, raw wood tables, comfortable ottomans, dining room tables in the staff break area and padded dining chairs. Don’t be afraid to use home furnishings in your industrial space. Your clients will definitely feel more at home in a friendlier space.

5. Shine the light

Lighting in an industrial space is very important. While some spaces tend to be dark, you also don’t want to have too much harsh light since it’ll make your space seem cold. Choose warm lighting to provide a more inviting effect, and have fun with light fittings. Go for quirky and conversational light fittings to provide another interesting aspect to your décor.
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Ithala Development Finance Corporation

Ithala Development Finance Corporation has a portfolio of properties in various KZN locations to suit your industrial space needs. Choose from developments such as Pinemead Park, Paramount Park and Umlazi Retail amongst others. Let their friendly and professional service help you make the decision your business needs.

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