5 easy ways to freshen up your business space

5 easy ways to freshen up your business space

It’s the start of a new year, and what better way to ring in success and positivity than giving your business premises a breath of fresh air.

Workspace with plants / iStock
Workspace with plants / iStock

Say goodbye to your old and stale office space this year. It’s a new year and it’s time to give your business premises a boost. Freshen up your business space with these simple and budget-friendly tips that will not only give your staff a fresh outlook but also invite more customers inside.

Add some colour

Adding a new coat of paint will give your premises a completely new look. Choose a subtle, but fresh colour and see the mood lift. A coat of paint is probably the easiest fix for a dull space. Choose a colour that best suits your space and your business. A fun way to get your team involved is to let them help you choose the new colour. Pay a quick visit to a hardware store and pick up a few colour swatches and samples that appeal to you and get your team to help you make the final decision.

Plant placement

Nothing freshens up a space more than adding live plants to it. The health benefits like cleaning the air and providing oxygen are of course fantastic, but a bit of fresh greenery provides a great look too. Place a few plants around your business space and get creative with the pots and holders. You can also use plants strategically instead of adding walls and dividers.

Hang art

Dull and boring corporate art is a thing of the past. Get rid of your generic artwork and look for something new and fresh. Think motivational quotes, fun messages and quirky and unlikely pictures. Let your imagination run wild with this one. It’s also a good way to motivate staff and gives your clients something fun and interesting to read and look at while they wait.

Take a seat

Your furniture doesn’t have to consist of safe and dull corporate pieces. The days of the pin stripe hard blue couches are long over. Instead choose a few colourful and comfortable pieces to place in your business space. Clients will love taking a seat on something comfortable and your business will look modern and fun. 

Light up

Dark and dreary business premises can portray a sombre and dull mood. Lift the spirits of everyone working and visiting that space with more lighting. While you may not be able to add natural light easily and without major cost, there are ways to improve the lighting in your space without it. Invest in great lighting options like lamps and extra light sources. Simple tricks like hanging a mirror across from the largest window in the room will improve your lighting drastically. To add more light to your space, avoid dark light fixtures and lampshades, paint your ceiling a bright white, consider lighter furniture and forget heavy drapes. A skylight is also a good idea if you’re willing to spend some money.

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