Win gin courtesy of Inverroche, Travis Kuhn, and East Coast Radio

Win gin courtesy of Inverroche, Travis Kuhn, and East Coast Radio

Mixologist extraordinaire Travis Kuhn has a surprise for the gin lovers in KwaZulu-Natal.

Inverroche Pioneers Collection gin

On Monday, International Gin and Tonic Day was celebrated across the globe. The versatile, delicious beverage has been around for centuries and continues to gain popularity amongst those who enjoy a drink or two.

You can read more about International Gin and Tonic Day HERE

Travis Kuhn, an award-winning mixologist, was kind enough to share his views with East Coast Radio on what makes the celebrated gin and tonic so special, his partnership with Inverroche for their Pioneers Collection gin, and his favourite gin cocktails.

What makes gin so special?

Mixing flavourful drinks with clear spirits can be a challenge. By nature, clearer spirits have lighter flavours which create easy drinking experiences. 

As a bartender, though, we are always looking for easy spirits which give us more flavour with which to pack into our creations. Gin offers us a great bouquet backbone of flavour upon which to build drinks, because the botanicals allow fresh flavours which everybody is familiar with and can enjoy. 

Everybody enjoys them because they are naturally derived from plants and flowers and commonly used in our everyday lives in the kitchen and household. I mean, who doesn't love the smell of fresh flowers?

Can you describe the Inverroche Pioneers Collection gin?

PC1 is a multi-dimensional journey in every sip. It begins in the nose, with a powerful juniper introduction, while the fragrances of coriander and pink peppercorn carry a spicy question mark.

On the palate, first impressions last. Szechwan pepper takes the lead and answers the spicy enquiry. Through the middle, a straight of freshness on the tongue provided by the zesty appeal of lemon skin. The finish is cool and dry with cardamom taking point. 

Travis Kuhn

What sets Inverroche apart from the competition?

Creativity and innovation are at the core of everything Inverroche do. They were among the first to discover the uniqueness of what the Fynbos plants can offer Gin as a category and give provenance to the Cape Floral Kingdom. They push the boundaries of distillates and question the authority of traditional spirits in South Africa. It is with this "freedom to succeed" attitude that they approach liquids, always resulting in refreshingly amazing spirits. 

Share your three favourite gin cocktails to make at home...

The Extra Dry Martini. At home I will remove 10 shots of gin from a bottle of PC1. I'll then add 5 shots of Dry Vermouth and 5 shots of still water to that bottle and then put the whole bottle in the deep freeze. When it is ice cold, I will just pour the Martini out into a daisy glass and garnish with a Calamata Olive.

A G&C, is a great way to enjoy gin if you like bubbles. Take a flute glass and pour 1 part PC1 gin, 3 parts Grapefruit tonic, and 4 parts dry Champagne.

Gin & Tonic, no need to give any instructions there.

What’s next for you? More amazing collections?

Well, a magician never tells his secrets, but this won't be the last collaboration I do with Inverroche, so watch this space!


All this talk has made us thirsty! Now is your time to win, KZN. If you would like to walk away with a bottle of Inverroche Pioneers Collection gin, courtesy of Travis and the fine people at Inverroche, all you need to do is take part in the poll below and fill in your details.

Terms and Conditions: Winners will be selected at random. You will be required to prove your age before the prize can be sent out. Competition is open to entrants 18 years of age or older. Drink responsibly. Competition closes on 23 October at 12h00.

Images: Inverroche / Facebook

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