Watch out, Mr Krabs - this chef is coming for you!

Watch out, Mr Krabs - this chef is coming for you!

We're not going to lie, we are really hungry now after seeing these gourmet crab creations...

Cooking crab at home
YouTube / The Stay At Home Chef

We love seeing how chefs are able to turn various ingredients into incredible dishes.

The skill they show is next level, while we are sure that the food tastes out of this world in terms of flavour.

One such example of this skill is demonstrated in the video below by Esther Choi, the chef and owner at Mokbar in New York City.

A gentleman hands over a king crab to a chef and asks her to make it gourmet for him. The result? Well, you need to see for yourself, but all we can say is that you will be left drooling...


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While the above may be a bit tough for your average home cook to replicate, we have found a video which shows how you can prepare crab dishes at home.

Check the video out for inspiration below:

Good luck and we hope it tastes utterly delicious, just don't tell Mr Krabs...


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Image Credit: YouTube / The Stay At Home Chef

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