Personal trainer warns against diets promising quick weight loss

Expert warning against diets promising quick weight loss

Personal trainer, Owen Hambulo, the owner of Owen Fitness in Sandton, warns against fad diets. 

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Woman listening music at table with fresh vegetables in kitchen/ iStock

The National Institutes of Health defines a fad diet as a 'popular dietary pattern known to be a quick fix for obesity'.

Fad diets are those which tend to promote only one type of food, states the Oxford Reference

Some of the popular fad diets include Atkins diet,  keto diet, grapefruit diet, and gluten-free diet. 

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In January, many people go on diets to shed the holiday weight gain. 

However, personal trainer Owen Hambulo, owner of Owen Fitness in Sandton, warns against any diets that promise quick results. 

"There is too much information out there from fitness and nutrition professionals when it comes to food. Today you might hear that eggs are good to eat and tomorrow they are not or you might hear that red meat is not good and another nutritionist will say the opposite," says Owen. 

"So, too much information is conflicting in regards to food." 

Owen says the danger with fad diets is that they deprive people of some nutrients. 

"Fad diets often encourage deprivation and the demonisation of foods, which may lead to nutrient deficiencies and disordered eating habits. They also focus on quick results — and almost always on weight loss." 

He says exercise and healthy eating are what will help you maintain a healthy weight.

“Incorporating a healthy lifestyle and exercise is still the best and safest way to lose weight in the long run,” says Owen.

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