Video: Homemade almond milk that actually tastes good

Video: Homemade almond milk that actually tastes good

Here's how you can make your own almond milk!

How to make almond milk

Almond milk is the perfect dairy-free milk alternative, but you could pay almost double to get your hands on the drink! 

That's because almonds aren't exactly cheap. 

Nonetheless, it could work out cheaper to make your own at home. You can make a bigger batch for less. 

It is important to note that refrigerated almond milk has to be used within seven days. So, consider your family size, and how much milk you consume before making a bigger batch. 

It is also not advisable to freeze almond milk, as it could affect the consistency and texture. 

While many versions of homemade almond milk use just water and almonds, adding these extra ingredients will help it taste better. 

Here's what you will need to make it: 1 cup raw almonds, cold filtered water, 1 teaspoon vanilla extract, pitted dates (add according to the sweetness you would like),  and a pinch of salt. 

You will also need a cheese cloth or nut bag to strain the mixture, but if you can't get one you could use the method displayed in the video below - it will just take longer! 

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