Tired of the same old boring meals? Here are 3 quick and easy ideas

Tired of the same boring meals? Here are three quick and easy ideas

Wake up your family's taste buds with these tasty and quick meal ideas.

Popcorn chicken recipe

Coming up with new and interesting ideas for dinner every day is no easy task.

With 365 days in the year, you are bound to run out of ideas pretty fast.

If your family is tired of eating the same old boring roast chicken on Sunday, or spaghetti and meatballs every Wednesday, then these recipes are sure to get them excited. 

Dorito popcorn chicken  

Fridays are usually takeaway dinners for a lot of homes. But if you are tired of ordering the same meals from your favourite eateries, then why not try this "Dorito Popcorn Chicken" recipe? 

Ingredients: Chicken (cut into bite sizes), mayonnaise, and crumbed Doritos. 

Tortilas and blueberries

Fruit at dinner time is a rare occurrence for many families, as vegetables are usually seen as being perfect for supper. While you don't actually include blueberries in the making of this tortila recipe, they make the perfect side dish. 

Ingredients: Wholewheat tortilla, cheese, black beans, cilantro, green chillies (optional), and sautéed kale (use baby spinach as a substitute if you can't find kale).

Dinner sandwich 

Whose says sandwiches are just for lunch? Cut your cooking time down by making a hearty dinner sandwich. It is just as filling as a normal meal, but takes half the time to make! You can also make a hot or cold sandwich. The options are endless. You can add a salad as a side or baked potato wedges. 

Ingredients: Scrambled egg, cheese, spinach, beef/chicken/bacon strips. 

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