Tasty Ramadan recipes to try

Tasty Ramadan recipes to try

Here are six delicious and healthy recipes to try this Ramadan. 

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Islam is one of the world's most prominent religions, with roughly 24% of the global population estimated to belong to it, according to Pew Research Centre. 

It is also the fastest growing religion, according to the research centre. 

One of the very important periods for the Islamic community is Ramadan. 

Ramadan in South Africa will begin on the evening of Friday, 1 April, and end on the evening of Sunday, 1 May. 

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During Ramadan, Muslims don't eat or drink between sunrise and sunset.

However, it is important to plan what you are going to eat when you break your fast. 

Popular YouTube channel, Recipes of the World, has shared six healthy recipes for you to try - grilled chicken salad, healthy chana salad, grilled chicken burger, healthy fruit chaat, grilled green chicken tikka, and healthy vegetable pasta. 

Check them out below:

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