Six Korean Dinners to try under lockdown

Six Korean dinners to try under lockdown

Let's go Asian with these easy and quick meals to make at home. 

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One great thing about the lockdown is that it is affording us an opportunity to stay indoors and sharpen our cooking skills. 

With restaurants closed and many people staying away from busy malls and restaurants, it is a great time to try out new dishes. 

If you are tired of eating same old recipes, why don't you you try these Asian recipes shared by Korean-born celebrity chef, Seonkyoung Longest.

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She has shared the recipes for Japchae,  Tteokbokki , Bulgogi, Kimchi Bokkuembap,  Sundubu jjigae and Galbitang. 

Get your pots and utensils ready and let's get cooking. 

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