Simple and delicious off-the-bone oxtail recipe

Simple and delicious off-the-bone oxtail recipe

Spoil your loved ones with a simple yet delicious oxtail recipe.

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With the cold front approaching, now is the right time for a warm plate of oxtail.

Oxtail is one of the most delicious meats.

Although it takes hours to cook, it is definitely worth the wait.

Oxtail can be enjoyed with just about anything.

Let’s look at a delicious oxtail recipe you can easily make at home:




Black pepper



Oxtail stock cube

Tomato paste [ Optional]. 

Baby carrots


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Heat oil until it is very hot. Don't put too much oil, just enough to brown your meat. 

Season oxtail with a bit of flour, salt, and black pepper ( you can leave the flour if you don’t have it).  

Add the oxtail into the oil and brown for a few minutes ( not more than 15min). 

Remove from the oil. 

In a separate pot, put the browned oxtail.

Add enough water that covers the oxtail

Cook for at least 2 hours, adding water.

Add oxtail stock cube.

Cook for another hour.

Add tomato paste, celery and baby carrots to give the meat colour and more flavour. 

Check if the meat is falling off the bone. If not, continue to cook until it does.


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