Should you be buying local chicken?

Should you be buying local chicken?

They say that local is lekker, but does the same apply to your chicken?

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We’ve all heard the talk around supporting local farmers and purchasing local and in-season ingredients like fruits and vegetables, but should you be applying the same principles to your chicken purchases?

Buying local has many benefits. Your goods are fresher, chances are they haven’t been frozen, and if you’re purchasing from a small farmer, you’re directly supporting their business. Here are a few reasons why you should consider buying your chicken from a local poultry supplier in KwaZulu-Natal, like Riversmead Poultry Farm.

1. Support your local economy

Buying local supports your local provincial economy, creating and sustaining much-needed jobs. Boosting your local economy means boosting your neighbours, family, and your own economic outlooks, and pumping more money into local projects and needs.

2. Helping the planet

Buying local is better for the environment and will help you reduce your carbon footprint. The long distances that food travels affect air quality and uses lots of energy. Buying from a local producer means your food has travelled less and the energy used to get your produce to where you purchase it is greatly decreased. You’re also sure to get fresher food and produce from a local supplier.

3. You’ll know your food

Don’t underestimate knowing where your food comes from. Local suppliers will often speak about their production process, so you can be assured that the product you’re buying is of the highest quality, partakes in ethical and ecological practices, and delivers on their promises. This, in turn, increases food security, and you can be assured the farmer you’re purchasing from is eating their produce as well. You can read more about Riversmead Poultry Farm’s production process and promises to you here:

4. It’s good for you

Fresh produce loses nutrients quickly. Food that has travelled to its sale point by long-distance trucking or flying loses essential nutrients in the process. Buying from a farmer or producer in your province or area ensures that the time spent transporting your food is short, and therefore beneficial to retaining nutrients and maintaining flavour.

When you buy a Riversmead Farm chicken, be assured that your chicken was locally farmed, that you’re supporting a local supplier, doing your bit for the environment, as well as providing your family with nourishing and fresh chicken. Find out more about Riversmead Farm chicken at

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