This restaurant only serves worms on its menu

This restaurant only serves worms on its menu

South Africa's first all-insect restaurant has been opened in Cape Town.

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Imagine eating a meal full of worms. Gross, right?! Apparently not.

Worms are nutritious, delicious, and make a great dish, and the good news is that there is a restaurant that now serves a full menu of bug-infused delicacies.

'The Insect Experience' restaurant opened in July and offers an alternative food source to the mainstream culinary experience. The restaurant is South Africa's first dedicated insect-based eatery. 

“In general insects are really high in protein and fat, comparable to red meat in their protein and fat content. The insects we use, the black soldier fly larvae, are much higher in zinc, iron and calcium than beef,” co-founder and head of product development Leah Bessa told AFP. 

Some of the food on the menu includes deep-fried dark chocolate black fly larvae ice-cream, mopane worm polenta fries, and black fly larvae chickpea croquettes.

According to those who have eaten at the restaurant, the meals are amazing.

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