Purtassi fasting: Low-carbohydrate vegetable snacks

Purtassi fasting: Low-carbohydrate vegetable snacks

These vegetable snack recipes are easy to make, filling, nutritious, and can be enjoyed during a fast. 

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Millions of Hindus around the world are looking forward to the Purtassi fasting season, which begins on 17 September and runs until 16 October.

During the Purtassi fast, Hindus abstain from food for a spiritual purpose and dedicate Saturdays to prayer.

Only vegetables can be consumed during this special religious period. Alcohol, cakes, and shop-bought bread are excluded from the diet. Some people even refrain from the use of salt, ginger, and garlic.

If you are wondering what to eat during this period, don’t fret. Below are ten snack recipes that can leave you feeling full. They are also nutritious.  

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