Miss Universe’s favourite traditional food

Miss Universe’s favourite traditional food

Zozibini Tunzi is back home in South Africa and she has shared her favourite traditional dish with her fans.

Tripe/ Instagram

After spending many months outside the country, Zozibini is finally back home in the Eastern Cape.

“Even if for a very short while, being home will always be restoration of the soul. After so long we are now currently navigating on tears of joy, love, warmth, support and song,” she wrote on Instagram.

Zozibini shared a photo of herself cooking one of her favourite traditional meals - tripe.

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In the photo, Zozibini can be seen cooking the tripe in traditional cast iron pot with an outdoor fire. 

She shared pictures of the cooked meal and it looks delicious.

How to cook tripe

Tripe is very easy to cook. However, the trick is that it has to be well-cooked, otherwise it will be hard to chew. 

You also have to ensure that it is thoroughly washed before you cook it. 

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Let's look at the recipe:

- Place tripe in a pot and cover it with enough water.

- Add onion to help minimise the smell of the tripe and to add flavour. 

- Cook on medium heat for two hours.

- Add salt. Optional - add a small amount of paprika and turmeric for colour.

Simmer for a further 30 minutes or an hour, until the meat is soft. 


Image courtesy of Instagram/@zozitunzi

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