Keri Miller’s guide to avoiding an Easter sugar binge

Keri Miller’s guide to avoiding an Easter sugar binge

Keri shares her top five tips to avoid a sugar-overload this Easter and has a delicious homemade chocolate recipe you can try.

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The Easter weekend is finally here, which means chocolate eggs and bunnies are going to become the norm in many homes.

While the long weekend is usually a fun time for the whole family, it can be stressful for parents who are trying to cut back on their children’s sugar intake.

East Coast Breakfast co-host Keri Miller believes it is possible for kids to enjoy Easter without a sugar rush.  

Her tip for kids is that you “try hiding other little presents and just one or two chocs. You don’t want them to [miss out] but you also don’t want to send them (or yourself) into some kind of diabetic coma”.

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Keri adds that avoiding sweet treats this weekend will be difficult for many but trying to go cold-turkey might not work.

“Firstly, if you are really set on indulging in your favourite treats, then do. And do it without guilt. Often the negative thoughts that we associate with the foods we feel guilty for eating are so much more toxic than the actual food. That said, when choosing your Easter treats, choose wisely. Dark chocolate is always a better option for you and your kids. Look at the ingredients on the packaging, the fewer ingredients the better, also if you don’t even know certain ingredients, chances are they aren’t going to be great for you or your kiddies.”

She loves treating her nephews, but that doesn’t mean she will be spoiling them rotten with chocolate treats this weekend.

“I am going to concentrate more on doing than eating this Easter with the boys. So some fun art stuff like painting Easter shapes (they are still very young) and maybe taking them to an animal farm to see bunnies. When it comes to the Easter Bunny, I will ask him or her to only hide two eggs each, and anything else hidden can be what we use for our art. So, hide crayons, bunny and egg pictures etc. Once we find them we can get our hands dirty and play,” she says.

Keri shared five of her top tips to help families avoid the Easter sugar binge:

1. Don’t binge: Why binge? Nothing good ever happens after a binge.

2.Choose wisely: Food is either medicine or poison. Think about what you’re putting into your mouth. No amount of sugar/choc is worth feeling sh**ty.

3. Spread it out: If you have 12 Easter eggs… it’s not a competition to see who can finish them first. Take your time. Enjoy each one slowly.

4. Don’t slack on your fitness: Just because it’s a holiday don’t neglect your movement routine. Switch it up, go for a beach walk, try out the trampoline park or swim in the ocean. Being active also helps you make better food choices.

5. Be positive: If you do eat way too much, it’s not the end of the world. Don’t put yourself on some ridiculous diet or fill your mind with guilt. Acknowledge that you may not feel your best and remind yourself of that next time you feel like going overboard with whatever food/drink it is. You’re only human. Be kind to yourself. And have a HAPPY Easter.

If you want to avoid store-bought sugary treats, Keri has a recipe you can try.

 “There is a great homemade chocolate option that I just LOVE. It is dairy, nut, refined sugar-free and delicious,” she says.  

Keri’s homemade chocolate recipe

What you will need:

1 cup coconut oil (use coconut oil instead of butter)

½ cup honey/blended dates/coconut blossom sugar (add more or less to taste)

About ¼ cup raw cacao mixed with ¼ cup carob powder (more or less to taste)

What to do:

Add oil, carob, cacao and honey (or whatever you’re using) to your pan and heat, stir continuously. I like to add some vanilla extract and cinnamon but that’s just my preference. After a few minutes, you will have a beautiful smooth choc consistency. Careful not to leave it too long as it can burn. If it goes a little stodgy add more oil. If too bitter add more sweetener.

You can then either pour it into shaped ice cubes (bunny, Easter eggs, or normal cubes) OR… you can pour it over your favourite cut fruit and put it into the freezer.

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