Save this recipe for Diwali! Delicious burfee popcorn

Save this recipe for Diwali! Delicious burfee popcorn

This burfee popcorn is so addictive you won't want to stop eating it! Askies to anyone trying to lose weight this winter.

Burfee popcorn
Burfee popcorn/ The Tocka Blog (supplied)

What goes great with popcorn? Chocolate, butter, Thai sweet chilli spice, and burfee! 

Food blogger Landi Govender says her burfee popcorn recipe makes a perfect treat for Diwali. The festival of lights is a few months away, but you might want to get a head start on your recipe planning. 

Burfee, which is also spelled barfi or burfi, is a favourite in many Indian households. The sweet is usually made with milk powder and sugar, but can include elachi, ghee, and liquid milk. 

Landi says burfee popcorn is "seriously addictive". 

"All I remember from tasting this batch of gorgeous burfee popcorn was screaming at my husband to take them away from me!"  

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Here's a look at how to make this delicious recipe. 

Burfee popcorn ingredients:
150g store bought caramel popcorn
2 slabs Milky bar chocolate, melted
3 tablespoons Klim milk powder
1 tsp freshly ground elachi powder
Tinted almond nibs


  • Place caramel popcorn on baking paper.
  • Add milk powder and elachi to the melted white chocolate.
  • Drizzle chocolate mixture over popcorn.
  • Top with nibbed almonds and place in fridge to set.
  • Break up the popcorn once set and enjoy!

Landi Govender
Landi Govender / The Tocka Blog

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