Recipe: How to make your own delicious atchar

How to make your own delicious atchar

Learn how to make your own atchar with this recipe. 

Mango Pickle Achar
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Atchar is made of mangoes and is a favourite for many South Africans. 

Although mangoes are seasonal, atchar can be enjoyed all throughout the year as it has a long shelf life. 

It is made using green mangoes that are not yet ripe. 

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Take green mangoes and cut them into small and medium-sized pieces. 

Add coarse salt and mix thoroughly. 

Take another bowl and transfer the mango mixture into an empty container which has a lid. 

Close the lid and store for 14 days in a cool, dry place. 

Remove any water that the mangoes might have released. 

Add 1/2 cup atchar masala or atchar spice which can be bought at the market. 

Mix thoroughly until well coated. 

Close with a plastic wrap and cover with lid for 14 days. 

Add fenugreek seeds. 

Add garlic flakes. 

Add dried chilli flakes

Mix thoroughly.

In a separate bowl, add vegetable oil that will be enough to cover the mixed mango pieces. 

Add atchar dye oil which will make the oil reddish. 

Add the oil to the mango mixture.  

Close and store for four days. 

Serve and enjoy! 

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