How to make your own baby food

How to make your own baby food

Making your own baby food is easy and affordable!

Baby eating

There are many great benefits to making your own baby food.

One of them is knowing that you will be giving your child nutritious food without preservatives. You can also monitor how much salt and sugar you put in,

It is also cheaper to make your own baby food, as you can use the food that you normally eat at home, and can store whatever food is left over.

When it comes to first baby meals, vegetables and fruits are the best options as they are full of nutrients. Give your baby food that will be easily digested such as sweet potato, banana, and butternut.

*Remember to use fresh foods and clean utensils to avoid causing your baby to get sick*

Make the experience fun by trying out different recipes, but remember it is advisable to offer your baby the same new food for four days to test for allergies.

Below are the steps of how you can make your own baby food: 


- To get started, get yourself a blender or a food processor.

- Wash your hands, any utensils you will be using, and the food.

- Place the food in a blender.

- Puree the food until smooth.

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