How to make flavoured olive oil at home

How to make infused olive oil at home

Add some extra flavour to your olive oil with these tips...

How to make infused olive oils

Olive oil is a staple in just about every kitchen.

Some of you may even use store-bought infused olive oil. But why spend R80 plus for flavoured olive oil when you can use the extra virgin olive oil in your cupboard, and a few other ingredients, to make your own?!

Your can make two to three flavours from one bottle of olive oil - depending on the size.

This means you won't have to buy individual bottles of infused olive oil. You get more for less! 

Check out these recipes for tips. 

Rosemary infused olive oil

Rosemary is a popular herb in most kitchens. It's great when paired with roasted lamb, potatoes, tomato sauces and of course olive oil. This rosemary-infused olive oil has to be one of the easiest to make because you only need two things to make it: rosemary and olive oil.

What you will need: 4 sprigs olive oil, 1/2 cup pure olive oil and bottle with a cork or screw top

Here's a video to show you how it is done. 

Lemon infused olive oil

Lemon and olive oil both great health benefits, put them together and you have something special. Lemon infused olive oil works best as a salad dressing or for drizzling on dishes like fish. 

What you will need: 2 lemons,  1 cup of olive oil and a bottle to keep it in.

Here's a video to show you how it is done. 

Garlic infused olive oil

Another great pairing for your olive oil is garlic.

What you will need: 3/4 cup whole garlic cloves (peeled),  2 cups extra virgin olive oil, juice from ¼ lime and a bottle to store it in. 

Here's a video to show you how it is done. 

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