How to choose a wedding menu - expert advice

How to choose a wedding menu - expert advice

Wedding planner Constance Mathobela shares tips on how to choose the best menu for your wedding.

Wedding menu

One of the important things that bridal couples need to plan for is the wedding menu. 

With so many foods and different preferences, choosing the right wedding menu can be a daunting task. 

We spoke to Constance Mathobela, who runs the 'Raesibe Catering Company', about how couples can choose a wedding menu. 

How much is your budget?

Before you can decide on a wedding menu, ask yourself how much you will be budgeting for food. To help you decide on that, look at how many people you will need to cater for and the kind of people you have invited. For instance, when deciding on drinks, an upper-class guest list might prefer drinking wine instead of home-brewed beer. 

Choose what you love

Because it is YOUR wedding, it is important that your menu also has food that you will enjoy. 

Consider what people like

But because you won't be the only one at your wedding, it's important to also consider what other people might like. Don't forget that what is enjoyable in one culture might not necessarily be enjoyable for people of a different culture. So if you have invited different cultures, don't go for foods that are restricted to one culture. 

Be cautious of the season

There are seasonal salads and foods, so even though you may like a specific dish, consider the season. For instance, if you choose to make a cheese salad in summer and leave it placed in a hot environment, the cheese might melt and ruin the taste of the salad. So choose foods that are in season.

Last but not least, remember to always select healthy meals!

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