How Bento lunch boxes help your kids get all their nutrients

How Bento lunch boxes help kids get all their nutrients

Bento lunch boxes are a must-have for every home with school-going children.

Bento Lunchbox

Instead of packing one lunch box with two or three smaller containers, Bento boxes allow you to pack everything your child needs for lunch in one box.

Aside from convenience, it is also great for moms who love getting creative with their school lunch meals.

But most importantly, they help ensure your child gets a well-rounded meal.

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Neat dividers

A ‘Bento’ box looks similar to your standard lunch box, except they come with built in or pull-out dividers. This helps you pack different foods in one box, without worrying about it all getting mixed up.

Healthier meals

Bento lunch boxes can help encourage parents to pack healthier lunches. Some come with sections that are labelled protein, dairy, grains, fruit, veggies, and snack. This will help ensure your kids get a well-balanced meal. This means more textures, colours, and food groups in one lunch box.

Easy to pack

The great thing about Bento lunch boxes is that they keep all your lunch meals tightly packed. They usually are also airtight and/or spill-proof to make sure food stays fresh, and there are no leakages in your child’s backpack.

Get creative

With 100s of ideas online on how you can fill your Bento lunch boxes, you can say goodbye to boring school lunches in 2017. Getting kids to eat healthy foods can be difficult, but Bento lunch boxes are all about nutritious, fun, colourful, and tasty looking meals. This is sure to pique your kids’ interest.

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