Homemade vegetarian 'takeout' ideas

Homemade vegetarian 'takeout' ideas

Not satisfied with the vegetarian options at your local eatery? Try these three tasty ideas!

Homemade vegetarian takeaway ideas

When it comes to takeout, vegetarians always seem to get the short end of the stick.

There aren't as many options, and what is on offer either does not taste good or does not look good. 

If you are searching for some vegetarian takeout ideas to try at home, these three recipes are definite winners.

Veggie burgers 

Finding a decent vegetarian or vegan burger at a fast food restaurant is hard to come by.  When you finally find one, it's not very appetizing. This vegan burger, complete with homemade patty, is just what you need in your life.

Vegetarian sushi

Sushi lovers are constantly raving about their seafood platters, but poor vegetarians have to sit back and enjoy a spring roll instead. But vegetarians can enjoy some sushi of their own. Check out this homemade sushi recipe. 

Green bean fries 

Potato chips are technically suitable for vegetarians, but we love this green bean take on fries!

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