Heritage Day: Braai ideas for vegetarians

Heritage Day: Braai ideas for vegetarians

Are you vegetarian and want to partake in the traditional Heritage Day celebrations of having a braai? Here are a few ideas to help you. 

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Having a braai on Heritage Day has become the norm for most South Africans, with many nicknaming the holiday “Braai Day”.

Heritage Day celebrates South Africa’s diverse cultural heritage, and food plays an important role.

Having a braai, which is SA’s version of a barbeque, is a big part of celebrations for locals and just about every race enjoys having one.

South Africans don’t need an excuse to have a braai – we have them all time - but it’s just extra special on Heritage Day.

Here are a few braai ideas for vegetarians, which we think meat lovers may enjoy just as much.

For the vegetarians

Braais are hardly known for their array of vegetarian foods. A braai is after all about marinated meat and chicken. But over the years, vegetarians have become very creative with their braai options. Several well-known brands even stock up on braai-themed soya products throughout the year. There are more options than just chakalaka, pap, and salads. Here are a few ideas for vegetarians.

Dress up your vegetarian burger patties

Get a vegetarian potjie going…

Grill some veggies

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Make it fancy

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