Fun ways to spice up your hot cross buns

Fun ways to spice up your hot cross buns

From peanut butter and bacon to cherry and chocolate, here is how you can put a twist to your traditional hot cross buns.

Easter cross buns
Hot cross buns/ iStock

It’s Easter and that means hot cross buns are in season!

If you are looking to put a twist on the traditional hot cross bun, look no further!

We have put together a combination of recipes from chefs on how to go a different route with traditional hot cross buns to make them even more delicious.

But be warned - the ingredients are not what you would expect! 

Chef Phil Vickery's Hot Cross Buns With A Twist

Cherry and chocolate hot cross buns recipe from Waitrose 

Hot Cross Bun French Toast with Maple Roasted Figs

No Knead Apple Cinnamon Hot Cross Buns

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