Five ways to add flavour to your chips

Five ways to add flavour to your chips

Spice up your chips with these amazing recipes from popular food vloggers.

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Chips or fries are one of the most loved foods around the world.

Whether you are making them for yourself, or your family or if you want to entertain guests, chips are an easy side dish that goes with almost anything. They are easy to make and there are many ways to spice them up.

Below are five great recipes for adding flavour to your chips …

Peri-Peri spice
Do you like your chips hot? Then you will enjoy this great peri-peri spice recipe from Chef Varun Inamdar.

Cheesy garlic chips recipe 

Todd's Kitchen has a great recipe that is a must try for the garlic and cheese lovers.

3 amazing chips dips

Give your normal chips a twist by dipping them in great sauces.  The Bombay Chef, Varun Inamdar, has recipes for the perfect spring onion, honey-mustard and Tandoori Tzatziki dips.

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