Exciting Lunchboxes For Adults

Exciting Lunchboxes For Adults

Who says your packed lunch needs to be boring?

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Sometimes you can do the most amazing and delicious things with the simplest of ingredients. Check out these options to pack a healthy and delicious lunch every day.

Jar It
Salads in a jar are easy to prepare, delicious, and convenient to transport. Just get a medium or large mason jar and layer your salad ingredients inside it. Start with adding your salad dressing first, then add your heaviest and most non-absorbing ingredients like carrots, cucumbers, and beetroot. Next you add any beans, grains or pasta you’d like to use. This can include chickpeas, lentils, barley or rice. Next you can add any protein like tuna or chopped up chicken, or cheese. After this it’s time to add softer ingredients like avocado and tomatoes. Finish off the salad with your greens like lettuce, spinach, rocket or beetroot leaves, and that’s it, your salad is ready. When lunchtime rolls around, shake your jar and empty it into a bowl. Could lunch get any easier to prepare?

Snack Pack
If you prefer a snack type lunch, these are super easy to prepare. Most shops sell pre-cut vegetables like carrots and celery, making it super easy to add to your lunchbox. Cucumber is also easy to chop up, and get a few cherry tomatoes and some cheese. Add a few pretzels or crackers and a tub of hummus or some smashed avocado and you’ve got yourself a great snack lunch that will keep you munching for hours. Don’t forget to add some lemon juice to your avocado to prevent it from turning brown.

That’s A Wrap
Wraps for lunch are amazing. Easy to prepare and super easy to transport to work. Let your imagination run wild with your fillings. Coleslaw with spicy chicken and some green salad is a delicious combo. You could also do braised steak with cheese, onions and salads or tuna, avocado and salad. The possibilities are endless, just put your favourite ingredients into a wrap and it’s done. Also keep an eye out for wholewheat or multigrain wraps rather than the plain ones. A wrap is a filling lunch, but it won’t leave you bloated and lethargic after.

Extra Snacking Tips
Pack a few slices of fruit, biltong, dark chocolate, and nuts for those late afternoon snack attacks, and avoid the chips and sweets from the vending machine.

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