Eskort Just Delicious - mouthwatering salads

Eskort Just Delicious - mouthwatering salads

Beat the heat and expand your salad repertoire with these #JustDelicious refreshing salads!

Cured Bacon, Melon & Chickpea Salad
Cured Bacon, Melon & Chickpea Salad/ Supplied

Impress everyone in your home with these delicious and filling salads courtesy of Eskort.

Cured Bacon, Melon & Chickpea Salad

Cured streaky bacon served with mixed leaves, nutty chickpeas, caramelised melon slices and cream cheese.

Peach & Pork Neck Salad

Slices of pork neck steak and caramelised peach quarters served on peppery watercress dressed with a poppy seed & mustard dressing.

Baby Spinach, Broccoli & Prego Steak Salad

Thin slices of juicy prego steak served on fresh baby spinach with creamy feta and vinaigrette-dressed Tenderstem broccoli and red onion slivers.

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Culinary school? He’s been there, done that, but the t-shirt wasn’t big enough…for his personality. Now he’s bringing the fun and flavour to the Eskort Kitchen. His name is Pieter Jan and he cooks with a heavy hand and an even heavier accent.

Eskort chef
Eskort chef/ Supplied

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