Eskort Just Delicious: Back to work lunches

Eskort Just Delicious: Back to work lunches

Ditch the salad and try these delicious easy-to-make work lunches!

Ham & Avo Bagel
Ham & Avo Bagel/ Supplied

You will be the envy of everyone in the office with these great recipe ideas. 

Ham & Avo Bagel

Creamy mashed avocado with nutty mixed seeds and slices of double-smoked ham on a toasted bagel.


Mac & Cheese Jaffle

Gooey macaroni and cheese, ham and sweet tomato jam in a round toasted sandwich.

Rashers & Rye Fries

Crispy pork rashers and French toast-inspired rye bread fries served with a yoghurt and custard creme and fresh berries.

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Visit for these recipes and more. 

Culinary school? He’s been there, done that, but the t-shirt wasn’t big enough…for his personality. Now he’s bringing the fun and flavour to the Eskort Kitchen. His name is Pieter Jan and he cooks with a heavy hand and an even heavier accent.

Eskort chef
Eskort chef/ Supplied

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