Easy dinner ideas: Leftover chicken recipe

Easy dinner ideas: Leftover chicken recipe to try

Don't throw your leftover chicken away! Here is how you can make an amazing dish out of it!

Left-over chicken
left-over chicken/ iStock

Chicken is one of the most popular types of meat. 

When cooked right, it can offer several health benefits because it is high in protein and it is an excellent source of amino acids. 

If you have leftover chicken in the fridge and are not sure how to turn it into an amazing dish, don't worry. 

There are several ways that you can prepare your leftover chicken to make it into an amazing dish. 

This recipe will be a hit for the whole family. 

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Leftover chicken




Red onion




Fry the bacon

Add celery

Add chicken

Remove from pot or pan and into a serving dish

Add red onion

Add mayonnaise. 

Add aromat or a pinch of salt. 


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