East Coast Radio presenters reveal their weird pizza toppings

East Coast Radio presenters reveal their weird pizza toppings

Samoosas on pizza? Find out what weird pizza combinations East Coast Radio's presenters have tried. 

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"National Pizza Month' is an actual thing - in America anyway. It has been observed since October 1984 and who are we to interfere with tradition, right?

What better way to celebrate a month dedicated to one of our favourite foods than discussing some of the weirdest toppings we have tried. 

If you thought pineapple on pizza is questionable, then think again because our East Coast Radio presenters have eaten some seriously strange pizza toppings.

Darren Maule

Breakfast pizza? It's totally a thing and not as weird as you might think. East Coast Breakfast host Darren Maule is team breakfast pizza. “Some may think its weird but I absolutely love a breakfast pizza. So a thin pizza base, tomato, thin slices of bacon, sliced bananas drizzled with honey. It’s the most delicious thing ever"

Catch East Coast Breakfast with Darren Maule every weekday morning between 6:00 - 9:00

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Neil Green 

Weekend presenter Neil Green's weird pizza combination involves samoosas. Yes, Neil Green ate a pizza topped with samoosas and loved it! 

“if you know me, you would know that I am a lover of all things food, and pizza should definitely be considered a food group on its own. I have had samoosas on pizza before. Not cut up, but actually the whole samoosa just on top of the pizza, and melted cheese on the top. Boss!” 

Catch Neil's show every Sunday from 14:00 to 18:00. Let's hope he is not munching on samoosa pizza between songs! That sounds like a mouthful.

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Danny Guselli

Chocolate on pizza? That's totally a thing and a good thing at that according to Danny. 

“The weirdest thing for me has to be dry boerewors drizzled with dark chocolate on the top. Believe it or not, it is weird and wonderful," he says. 

Catch Danny's show weekdays from 21:00 - 00:00. Call in and ask him how his dark chocolate pizza tasted.

Deon Govender

Who puts mayonnaise on pizza? Deon Govender that's who. That's not the worst of it. He has also tried pizza with jam! 

“A lot of my friends take digs at me for putting mayo on pizza. No matter what people say, it just tastes amazing. Chicken and mushroom pizza with mayo is so yum! I went overseas recently and had pizza with jam and cinnamon. This could possibly be a new combination added to my list” 

Catch East Coast Party People with Deon Govender, Friday and Saturday from 18:00 - 21:00. Also catch Deon on Play Local on Sunday's between 18:00 - 21:00.

Have you tried any of these weird pizza combinations? Let us know in the comments section or share some of your weirdest pizza toppings below.

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