Christmas: hosting guests on a low budget

Christmas Tips: hosting guests on a low budget

Is it your turn to host the family Christmas gathering and you are feeling stressed because your budget is tight? Here are smart tips to follow. 

Family enjoying Christmas lunch
Family enjoying Christmas lunch /iStock

Christmas is a time to enjoy being together with your loved ones. It is a precious time to reflect on life and its blessings. 

One of life's greatest blessings is the gift of family. Most people prefer to spend the day with their loved ones. 

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If you will be hosting your family's Christmas gathering and you are feeling stressed because your budget is tight, here are smart tips to follow: 

- Stick to what you afford

Avoid going into debt just to impress people. Stick to what you can afford. 

- Make a simple, inexpensive meal

There are many recipes that you can cook that do not require expensive ingredients. You can also cut down on the meals. Instead of serving three meats, stick to one or two. The same goes for the starch and salads. For desserts, a simple dessert like jelly and custard still wins!

-  Stick to inexpensive drinks

Get creative when it comes to drinks. For instance, mixing Oros with soda water will give your guests something refreshing to drink. 

- Stick to inexpensive gifts

You don't have to give your guests expensive gifts. Check out this article for great Christmas gift ideas that don't cost much. 

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