Burger King introduces 'Barbie'-inspired pink burger

Burger King introduces 'Barbie'-inspired meals

Introducing the first 'Barbie'-inspired burger! 

Burger King pink burger
Burger King pink burger/ Instagram

Calling all 'Barbie' fans... there is a burger just for you! 

Burger King in Brazil has introduced the first ever 'pink' burger. 

The burger is inspired by the 'Barbie' movie which airs in cinemas this weekend. 

Burger King introduced the burger on their social media pages. 

The burger is made up of a patty, sliced cheddar cheese, smoked pink sauce, and bacon. 

It can be enjoyed with a pink vanilla-flavoured milkshake, and for dessert, you can have a doughnut sprinkled with pink frosting. 

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Social media users are divided by the new 'Barbie'-inspired meals. 

Some users described the meals as sickening, while others said they looked tasty. 

Check out the comments below:

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