Back to school lunchbox ideas

Back to school lunchbox ideas

Not sure what to make for your child on the first day of school? Try these lunchbox ideas!

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Thinking up daily ideas for your child’s school lunch can be daunting for some parents.

Kids quickly tire of the same boring old lunch meals week in, week out.

Parents also have to try and convince fussy children to eat all their veggies, while convincing them unhealthy snacks are not good for them.

This twist on the classic peanut butter sandwich will leave your child’s mouth watering.

We also have a fun idea to get your kids to eat their fruit and veggies.

Snacks like homemade popcorn also get the thumbs up, because you can control how it is prepared, and opt for the air popped variety – which has lower calories.

You can avoid the harmful ingredients found in some store-bought microwave popcorn bags.

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