Reasons to celebrate Beer Can Appreciation Day

Beer lovers around the world celebrate 'Beer Can Appreciation Day'

Nothing beats a can of cold beer on a hot sunny day and that is why Beer Can Appreciation Day is worth celebrating! 

Beer in a can
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Today marks Beer Can Appreciation Day.

If you are a lover of beer then you will agree that beer cans have made life easier.

Beer Can Appreciation Day goes back to the 1930s.

It was on 24 January in 1935 when the first beer in a can was sold.

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The first beers were sold in steel cans, and you needed a can opener to open them.

But as years passed, Australia introduced aluminium cans.

Benefits of beer cans

Unlike having to worry about breaking a bottle, you can relax knowing that you can travel with your beer to anywhere without worrying about it breaking. Beer cans are safer for shipping.

Beer cans are also a lot lighter to carry than bottles.

Another amazing benefit of beer cans is that they are safer for the environment. Cans are recyclable.

So, go ahead and enjoy your cold beer can but remember to drink responsibly. 

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