Wildlife Wednesday: As crazy a sighting as you could imagine in Kruger

Wildlife Wednesday: As crazy a sighting as you could imagine in Kruger

This video shows the raw nature of the bushveld in all its glory. It is simply a must-watch for all South Africans in order to realise just how lucky we are to have these things happen within our borders.


When you go on safari to places like the Kruger National Park, you are not guaranteed that your luck will be in.

The reality is that you can drive for hours upon hours and see very little, with the odd impala breaking the cycle of bush after bush.

While many will tell you that going to the Kruger or any game park is not solely about the animals - as the birds, flora, and general ambiance are just as incredible to witness, all visitors want to see the Big 5 and the other incredible creatures lurking in the bushveld.

There is no harm in that - that's why it is such an exciting place to visit, you just never know what you will encounter...

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There have been many incredible sightings caught on camera over the years. Anyone remember 'The Battle of Kruger'?

Well, this particular sighting in Djuma Sabi Sand in Greater Kruger may just trump it and then some.

Now this may sound like the start of one of those infamous bar jokes, but it most certainly isn't: What do a pregnant impala, a leopard, wild dogs, hippos, and a hyena have in common? This incredible sighting from Latest Sightings...

Disclaimer: The video does contain some graphic imagery and is not suitable for sensitive readers.

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How incredible was seeing a wild dog and hyena eating together?! Or the sad moment the baby impala was ripped from the mother? Nature at its finest and most real!


Image Credit: SANPARKS

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