Online games that positively impact mental health

Online games that positively impact mental health

The World Health Organization has encouraged people to play online games that will boost their mental and physical health. 

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The World Health Organization has come up with the #HealthyAtHome Challenge. 

The challenge comes after millions of people find themselves at home to try and protect themselves from being exposed to the deadly COVID-19 virus.

With so many people being indoors, it is important that physical and mental health are not ignored. 

The WHO says those at home need to stay healthy through healthy lifestyles and playing games that will stimulate their minds. 

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Some of the recommended lifestyle changes from officials include: “eating healthily, giving up unhealthy habits like smoking, doing yoga or an online workout, going for a walk or run (if permitted by your local authorities), meditating, or playing a game”. 

“Spring 2021 saw the launch of Yoga Season on the popular Gardenscapes game from Playrix, encouraging players to stay active, boost their energy and health by doing exercise and meditation,” reports the health site.

According to SKY News, the gaming industry has seen record sales in recent months. 

Check out ten video games that explore mental health. 

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