What you need to know about travelling with your child internationally

What you need to know about travelling with your child internationally

Planning to travel with your child outside of South Africa? Make sure you know all that is required to avoid disappointment.

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Travelling with children can be daunting.

We spoke to Ephodia Photo, a Control Immigration Officer at the Department of Home Affairs, about what parents need to know about travelling with their children outside of South Africa.

“For travelling with children outside the country, parents need the child’s valid passport and unabridged birth certificate or equivalent document or passport containing the details of the parent or parents of the child,” says Ephodia.

She adds that in the case where only one parent is accompanying the child, then the other “parent must do a consent letter.” She says the letter must be certified.

“It can also be an affidavit from the police station with the ID copy of the absent parent,” adds Ephodia.

“All documents must be certified and must not be more than three months old."

The absent parent’s contact details might also be required.

“In instances where the information of the other parent is not on the child’s birth certificate, for example, if there is no information about the father on the birth certificate, then we won’t need a consent letter,” says Ephodia.

“If the other parent passed away, we want the death certificate of the deceased parent."

She adds: “In the case of divorce, we want to see that you have custody of the child. It must have an oath stamp. Where applicable we might also require a copy of a court order granting full parental responsibilities and rights or legal guardianship in respect of the child." 

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