What to do when you hate your partner’s friends

What to do when you hate your partner’s friends

Don't like your partner's friends? Here's how you can deal with the situation. 

What to do when you hate your partner’s friends

Just like in-laws, your partner’s friends are a package deal.

But if your better half’s friends are not the best company, then you could end up having problems in your relationship.

Here are tips on how to deal with the situation. 

Why do you hate them? 

Before you tell your partner that you hate or dislike their friends, first ask yourself why you hate them? Do you not get along with them because you have different personalities? Or do you dislike certain behaviour? If it is something you can overlook, it’s better to just hold your tongue. But if your partner’s friends practice bad behaviour, like cheating, drinking too much or constant partying, and that rubs off on them, then you should definitely speak up. 

Did you try to get to know them? 

Sometimes you just need to put in some extra effort to get to know your partner’s friends more. You might have been put off by one encounter, but the more time you spend with them, the more you get to know who they really are and you might just end up liking them. 

Focus on your own friends

It’s okay for couples to have different friends. Instead of worrying too much about his/her friends, rather focus on your friends and enjoying their company when you and your partner are not together

Don’t make them choose

The worst thing you can do is give your partner an ultimatum. Telling him/her to choose between you and their friends will cause problems in the relationship. Find a way to reach an understanding by clearly expressing your feelings.

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