Tricks to make you look slimmer

Tricks to make you look slimmer

Look a few sizes smaller by applying these simple, yet effective fashion tricks.

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Spring is finally here. This means many of us will be attending weddings, parties, and functions and need to look smart.

Not happy with how you look? If you don’t have time to go to the gym to tone up your body, the good news is you can still look fly by dressing smart.

Fashion designer Jonas Khan Jonah of St Janah Designs says the secret is in picking the right design that suits your body type.

“If you want to appear thinner, stay away from peplum designs,” says Jonas.

 “Flare designs are also not advisable for anyone wanting to look thinner." 

He adds that another design that can make one look bigger is tutu skirts. 

“Instead wear stretching material,” says Jonas. 

He says the other secret to looking thinner is to have a “straight cut design because it takes the shape of your body.”

Colours also play a role. 

Darker colours such as black, purple, brown create a slimming illusion, according to Vlogger Shea Whitney.

She also advices wearing heels because they make one look taller, as well as wearing vertical lines. 

Another tip is to wear shape wear. These can be bought at many clothing stores and help make the body look more toned. 

Beautiful dress
Beautiful dress/ iStock

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