Tips and tricks to keep your car in showroom condition

Tips and tricks to keep your car in showroom condition

These five car care tips will leave your vehicle looking brand new... 

Background with the dashboard of the car / iStock
Background with the dashboard of the car / iStock

Keeping your car looking as good as it did when you first bought it is not an easy task.  

But there are a few things you can do to help keep your vehicle in showroom condition.

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We have put together a list of five tips and tricks you need to know.

Park in the shade

Whether you live in a freestanding house or an apartment, where you park your car can affect the exterior. Protecting your vehicle from outdoor elements like direct sunlight, adverse weather, and tree sap will go a long way in keeping it looking brand new. Always look for a shady parking spot when you are out shopping – especially on a scorching hot day. If you don’t have a garage or undercover parking, invest in a good car cover, which you can not only use at night but during the day when you know your car will be parked outside for long hours.

Keep your car’s paintwork looking brand new

A good parking spot is the first step in keeping your car in good condition, but your car needs some TLC every now and then to keep it looking in mint condition. Waxing your car can help prevent its paint from being damaged. It will also help ensure dirt does not stick to the vehicle for long periods, which can cause long term damage. Investing in paint protection will help protect your car’s paintwork from water spot marks, scratches, and chips caused by stones. Paint protection can keep your car in good condition for years.

Fix those dents and scratches

Dents and scratches are sometimes unavoidable. Most car scratches and dents happen at parking lots, especially the ones found at grocery stores. If cars are parked to close together, someone can easily open a door against your vehicle. Dents and scratches can also happen while you are trying to navigate into a tight parking spot. While newer car models have Park Distance Controllers (PDC), many older vehicles do not. The good news is you can have this feature added to your car. Sensors will help alert you when you are near an object. You can also have reverse cameras fitted-in to give you a better view. Regardless of which option you prefer, don’t let the number of dents and scratches on your car accumulate just because they are minor. One small scratch might go unnoticed, but multiple scratches do not a showroom-looking car make. Get your scratches fixed by a professional as soon as you can afford to.

Keep your car clean

Washing your vehicle once a week can help keep your exterior in tip-top condition. If you are washing your car at home, make sure you do it properly. Give it a rinse first to help remove dirt that has built up. Don’t use your kitchen dishcloths and sponges as they can cause hairline scratches. Using dishwashing liquid is also a no-no as the detergent can remove your car’s exterior wax over time. Use soaps and shampoos that are specifically designed for car washing. When cleaning your wheels, make sure you know whether they have a chrome or clear-coat finish, so you know which product to use. Once you are done, make sure you dry your car properly with a synthetic chamois or a drying cloth. Don’t forget the interior. A good vacuum and odour neutralising spray can help your seats look and smell brand new. Finish off your car wash by spraying a “new car smell” air freshener.

Give your car a makeover

You can give your vehicle a fresh look by visiting a vehicle service company like Dreamworks Autohouse to have it customised. Make your car look brand new by covering the body in vinyl wrap. Wrapping your car in vinyl can sometimes be cheaper than giving it a new paint job. If you don’t want to wrap your entire car, you can just wrap your roof in a cool gloss black. Give your car an instant face-lift by refurbishing or repairing old mag wheels that have cracks, bends, buckles and scratches. This will save you a lot of money as you can avoid buying new mag wheels by restoring the ones you already have to their original factory condition.

If you are serious about keeping your car in showroom condition, visit Dreamworks Autohouse in Umhlanga to find out about its Showroom Package. The package includes unlimited dent removal, unlimited minor scratch repair, and paint protection every six months.

Visit the Dreamworks Autohouse website to find out more about its products and services, including Park Distance Controllers (PDC), reverse camera, paint protection and mag wheel repairs.


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