'Thuma Mina - The People’s Version' is a call to all South Africans to stand up for change

We, the People, can turn it around - and Brent’s inspired

We, the People, can turn it around - and Good Things Guy Brent Lindeque’s inspired. In his latest JacPod podcast, he's joined by Dawn Robertson, CEO of Constitution Hill, and Mabusha Masekela of the Hugh Masekela Heritage Foundation, to talk about the re-worked Thuma Mina song; about South Africa and about ConHill.

Thuma Mina on Good Things Guy

Hugh Masekela’s Thuma Mina (Send Me) – the People’s Version' was released on Friday in honour of Heritage Month. Thuma Mina is a call to the people of South Africa to stand up collectively for change.

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In the song, Hugh Masekela pens the lyrics, “I wanna be there when the people start to turn it around”, which rings true to the very first words in South Africa’s Constitution, “We, the People”. 

The people of South Africa are facing tremendous challenges in the face of COVID-19, such as severe poverty, a compromised economy, lack of access to healthcare and education, corruption, and gender-based violence. Together, with a little help from some friends, Constitution Hill in partnership with the Hugh Masekela Heritage Foundation have joined forces to produce a collaborative re-working: 'The People's Version' – of the late, great Masekela’s anthemic 'Thuma Mina'. 

'The People’s Version' strives to mobilise the citizens of South Africa into action, in support and empowerment of one another. 

“It is not the size of the problems we must take into account, but rather our will, the people’s will, to create and manifest solutions, and our preparedness to scale those solutions across our diverse South African communities,” says Dawn Robertson, CEO of Constitution Hill.

Dawn and Mabusha Masekela - of the Hugh Masekela Heritage Foundation, join Good Things Guy Brent Lindeque in the latest JacPod podcast to talk about the song, South Africa and, Constitution Hill.


Watch the song's official video below.

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