'Thuma Mina' campaign tackles social stereotypes head-on

'Thuma Mina' campaign tackles social stereotypes head-on

A South Africa free from all sorts of discrimination - that is the message that this campaign from 'Trulife' hopes to inspire. 

Thuma Mina campaign
Thuma Mina campaign/ Video screenshot

A video has gone viral, challenging South Africans to put an end to stereotypes that exist in our communities. 

Many people are discriminated against because of their gender, ethnicity, and social status. 

A video released by 'Trulife' aims to put an end to this. 

It features a cast of young people from the 'Trulife' team who execute the message very well. 

The video asks questions such as, "Dear men, why do you not strive for equality?", and pleads for people to listen to each other and treat each other equally regardless of their class or gender. 

The campaign, called ‘Thuma Mina’ (Send Me), hopes to inspire South Africans to overcome discrimination and be a positive change in their communities.

It received over 20,000 views and over 500 shares on the first day of release. 

Watch it and be challenged to change:

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