Tell A Lie Day: Presenters share the biggest lies they've ever told

Tell A Lie Day: Presenters share the biggest lies they've ever told

All of us at some point in our lives have wished that we could tell a lie without feeling guilty. Today is the perfect day to do just that.

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Tell A Lie Day is a day where you get a chance to tell half-truths, fibs, and white lies, without the guilt. Although the origin of the day is not known, it’s celebrated on the 4th of April. It's a day dedicated not only to telling lies but also for confessing about a lie you once told.

The way it's celebrated is that you can play silly pranks with your friends or you can use your creativeness to cook up lies. As long as you make sure that your lie doesn't hurt anyone or cause a heart attack, of course.

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We asked some of our presenters to share some of the biggest lies they've ever told.

Gordon Graham

Umm the biggest would be in Standard 7 (Grade 8) when I decided to ditch school. I told my parents that we had a sports day so that they wouldn’t drop me at school and I ended up sneaking to a mate’s house, needless to say, I was caught out and did the time for the crime.

Stacey Norman

Does "I'm kinda single" count? If it doesn't, then I'VE NEVER TOLD A LIE IN MY LIFE.

Only yes, I did pick out and eat all the olives from that family sized salad back in 1997. My bad.


This is slightly off the record a little bit but why not, life is short right? The biggest lie I’ve told was that I was single. The girl around my arm was too hot for me to say I was taken so I went the single route – it didn’t work but I guess that’s the biggest lie I’ve ever told. I have lied about my age a few times – club vibes. The third lie I told is a bit too deep so I can’t get into that. Haha!

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