How to stand out as an expert in your industry

How to stand out as an expert in your industry

What would change if you were seen as the top name in your industry? Could you become the Schwarzenegger of bodybuilding, the Oprah of TV, the Elon Musk of innovation or the Nigella of food?

Stand out from the crowd

And would you be able to change the scale of your earnings exponentially?

On Thrive with ‘DrD’ this week, Dorianne Weil talks to best-selling author and renowned speaker, Douglas Kruger, about the practical how-to of becoming an industry expert.

"That's really what I've been focusing on in my speaking and writing for about the last decade now," says Kruger.

"It's looking at these top icons and top performers in every industry and asking 'how did they get there, and what's different about them?' Because in every industry there will be hundreds of thousands of people globally who do a certain thing.  And then it begs questions like, 'Is it the qualifications? Is it the personality? What are they doing differently?' That's what I like to unpack," adds Kruger.

Listen to the details about what he's uncovered in the latest Thrive with 'DrD' podcast below.

Note: This episode was recorded before the national lockdown.

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