Social Media: Enhancer or Disaster?

Social Media: Enhancer or Disaster?

The explosive Netflix documentary The Social Dilemma has got the world talking about how social media has been designed to be extremely manipulative of its users. Young people are often most affected. Digital parenting expert, Josh Ramsey, co-founder of Be In Touch - joins 'DrD' today to unpack some potential, and very practical, solutions for parents.

The Social Dilemma discussed on Thrive with 'DrD'

Social media is here to stay. As parents we try and find some balance for our kids in this digital age of devices and screens.

But in a world where we are now beginning to understand how manipulative social media can be, what advice can we offer parents to help avoid and deal with the potentially harmful effects of social media on our children?

Can social media benefit rather than cost us? Digital parenting expert, Josh Ramsey joins 'DrD' to discuss The Social Dilemma, which looks at the reality of mass systematic manipulation of human vulnerability by the biggest tech companies in the world.

"The real goal of social media platforms is not only to get you to become addicted to attention, but it's being addicted to the getting of attention from others. So not only are you addicted to your own interaction with your profile and how many likes that it has, but you're also addicted to the ways in which others are interacting with that platform. So there's more than one layer in which they're getting to compulsively interact with the platform," he tells Dorianne Weil.

It's a must-listen podcast, especially for parents. Click on the play button to listen now, or download it to your computer for later.

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