Single mom dating tips: find your Mr. Right

Single mom dating tips: Find your Mr Right

Being a single mom does not mean you have to quit pursuing love!

Single Mom Dating tips

Getting back into the dating scene can be difficult for newly single moms. 

However, finding love as a single mom is possible! 

One person who has her single mom dating game on point is talkshow host Anele Mdoda. 

She revealed a few months ago that her dating approach is to take things nice and slow.

"I'm in the process of getting to place where I'm dating someone. I'm seeing someone, but we're not dating yet. But we definitely will,” Times Live quoted her as saying. 

But if you are not as confident about dating as Anele is, then we are here to save the day - and your love life! 

Take a look at tips that could help you get back in the game.

Don't feel guilty

The thought of going on a date when you have kids can be a major guilt-trip for moms. Some feel like they are taking attention away from their children. 

The children might also pressurise you into staying single because of the fear of what your new lover may bring into the equation, but always bear in mind that there's nothing wrong with pursuing love, no matter how old you are or whether you have children or not.

So let go of the guilt, and open your heart to receiving love.

Get over your ex

It is not easy to get over someone you loved, but the sooner you accept that the relationship is over and find ways to move on, the better it would be for you if you are trying to date again.

The danger of not getting over your ex may be that you may try to replace your ex by finding men who are similar to him; however, this is not a good idea as every person is unique, and you may miss what the new lover may have in store for you.

So do all that you can to get over your ex, even if it means consulting a professional about it, and then allow yourself to find new love.

Put effort into your look

How you dress can have an influence on your mood and how others view you.

So if you are looking at attracting a potential partner, it may mean getting a new wardrobe or carefully selecting what you put on your body.

Choose to dress in such a way that will make you feel sexy, because that will boost your confidence.

Do not wear baggy clothes that can make you feel unattractive.

Go out a little

If you are looking to find love, it is important to mingle with people, unless you are only thinking of online dating.

Restaurants are a nice place to find people, and depending on your personality and the kind of man you are looking to attract, clubs and bars can also be a place of finding love.

Going out a little may also include choosing to some days ride the bus, train or taxi instead of taking your car to the mall. You never know whom you could meet.

And do not be shy to talk to strangers. However, be careful of going to private places with people you do not know. Rather be safe than sorry.

Never be rude to anyone who is nice to you, because love can be found in people we least expect it to be found in.

Have fun

Dating is meant to be fun. Do not stress if you are disappointed with the first few dates, and never expect people to be perfect.

Also remember that relationships take time to grow. Do not just enter into a relationship thinking the man would want to marry you. Take time to get to know each other and have lots of fun.

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